Medigap Insurance

What is Medigap Insurance, and how can it benefit you?

Medigap insurance is supplemental insurance purchased from a private insurance company, to cover costs Medicare won't. Medicare part A can often come with a substantial annual deductible and co-pays or co-insurance on certain inpatient services. Medicare part B also has copays, a monthly premium and an annual deductible. Medigap coverage includes co-pays, costly deductibles and even health care for traveling outside the United States. Medigap plans give you a range of choices for your health coverage needs. Waukesha residents can find Medigap policies that are available to those individuals that already have Medicare. We can help you choose a Medigap insurance plan to downsize your health care cost burden.

Medigap does not replace your original Medicare plan. You will need to keep your Medicare coverage in order to get Medigap insurance. Because Medicare insurance only applies to one individual and not to a couple, you and your spouse will both want to get Medigap insurance.

Unsure if Medigap is the right choice for you? Medigap Insurance protects you against large medical bills that can be difficult financially. Under Medicare Part B, only 80% of your total medical costs are covered, leaving 20% as your responsibility. Medigap Insurance can ease the worries of this 20% responsibility.

There are several other reasons to choose Medigap insurance as a Waukesha resident. Just for example, guaranteed acceptance regardless of health problems, if you apply during your open enrollment period. You also are entitled to the choice of any doctor who accepts Medicare.

Want to learn more about Medigap Insurance? Contact our office today to find out exactly the peace of mind Medigap Insurance can provide you.

Medigap Insurance
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